Best Seller Hair Dryer in India

Best Seller Hair Dryer India 

A hairdryer is an electromechanical device used for dry and style hair working with electricity and convert blow air from element to evaporation of water to dry the air. Its function is to remove water from the air to make it completely dry and serve a purpose. Here is Best Seller Hair Dryer India 2021 will guide you about it.

7 Best Hair Dryer to buy  India 

Product No


Hair Dryer Pics


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CHAOBA Professional Hair Dryer


Nova NHP  Foldable Hair Dryer 


Philips  Hair Dryer (Blue)


VEGA  Hair Dryer


Syska Trendsetter Hair Dryer


Panasonic 1000W  Hair Dryer 


Urban Nova Professional Stylish Hair Dryers


Best Seller Hair Dryer India  Top Features and Information

Product#1 Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer in Purple color

Best Seller Hair Dryer India



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Top Features and Information

  • Philips HP8100 dryer is power with Advanced concentrator technology with Quick Head head
  • With Protection temperature setting
  • Hanging loop
  • 1.5 meter power cord and not cordless
  • Easy Storage hook for Easy storage
  • Compact design ensures easy handling
  • Hot air dryer comes with two number flexible heat setting
  • 24 Months Philips India warranty
  • Fan speed is regulated with the high and low motor speed with 1000 watt

Product#2 Havells HD3151 1600W Cool Shot Hair Dryer in Turquoise color

Best Seller Hair Dryer India



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Top Features and Information

  • Havells HD3151 is 1600 w powerful hairdryer keep hair beautiful, healthy and prevent from damage
  • Comes with 3 temperature setting (Hot, Warm and Cool)
  • 24-Months warranty
  • It provides double protection against overheating
  • Fixed nozzle for Concentrator
  • Comes with Number of speed setting and Number of heat settings
  • Protect your hair from tangling as Honeycomb inlet keep it safe hair
  • Working on Voltage 220-240V AC with power cord length is 1.6m
  • Comes with Hanging loop and foldable handle

Product#3 CHAOBA 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer in Black color

Best Seller Hair Dryer India



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Top Features and Information

  • This Black color professional hairdryer comes with patented heat shielding technology- Keep nozzle body cooled for long usage
  • Power cord length 2 meters which provides convenience for long distance from the plug
  • Comes with 3 heat setting and 2-speed setting
  • Detachable back filter technology used for Ionic Conditioning
  • Ergonomic design provides ease of comfort grip during drying of hair
  • Cool Shot button keeps it cool while hot air
  • This Perfect professional hairdryer will adjust the temperature according to need and style


Product#4 Nova NHP 8100 Silky Shine 1200 W Hot and Cold Foldable Hair Dryer in Black color

Best Seller Hair Dryer India



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Top Features and Information

  • Nova NHP is provided perfect salon-like hairstyle
  • This Hairdryer is equipped with ionic conditioning technology provides overheat protection
  • Working on 1200 Watt gentle drying, Hot and Cold feature
  • 1.8-meter power cord length ensures easy to work a long distance from the plug
  • Easy handling and compact design and attachment type concentrator
  • Comes with 2 heat setting with careful drying
  • EHD technology ensure the right amount of heat distribution on hair and care for damage of hair during drying



Product#5  Syska HD1600 Trendsetter Hair Drier – With Heat Balance Technology in Purple color




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Top Features and Information

  • Syska HD1600 Hair Drier is compact design lightweight which is easy to handle and carry conveniently
  • Heat balance technology protects this hair dryer from overheating
  • 2 hair drying setting gives the best hair drying experience
  • Honeycomb inlet allows the efficient flow of air for sufficient drying
  • Wave heating element ensures instant heating and fasts during up
  • 24- Month warranty from manufacturing from the date of purchase
  • Cord length 1.8 meters with easy of working from plug and operation


How to Select Hair Dryer?

There are so many hair dryers in the marketplace available for the different manufacturers from national to International. From different styles, different types, different features, and the most important thing is its price.

Here are some of the buying guides for selecting the right one hairdryer for purpose and use.

Depend upon your hair weather it is long-short thick, thin curly or damaged, Depends on the ergonomic and weight to consider buying hairdryer.

You want to take it on place or traveling purposes. A budget hairdryer is most important asper and most users are looking into it.

A hairdryer works on Ceramic and Ionic technology. This technology is important for the drying process it helps to evaporate water quickly from your hair. While Ceramic technology is working on even heat distribution of heat across the hair.

Hairdryer in the market comes from 250 W to 2000  watt of power. Along with Watt or power, the heat speed setting also plays an important role in the performance of the dryer.

Many people have a daily routine of washing and styling hair. After the bath, if you have enough time hair will be dried automatically but if you are in a hurry and have no time then people take the help of a hairdryer to speed the process.

A hairdryer is earlier known as a Blow dryer invented in 1920. During that time many people suffering from electrocution as they drop hairdryer into the water as the hair was dropped in a hairdryer.

How does Hairdryer work?

There is two main components of Hairdryer are Electric fan and Heat element.

The heating element which is known as a resister made of Ni-Chrome wire. These resisters resist the flowing of electrical energy and as a result of which turn it into heat energy.

In Hairdryer airflow past the resister and thus absorbing heat as it passed through it. Then the air passes through Nichrome wire and that heat it making the hair dry with a blow of hot air.

The continue of blow of airspeed water evaporation and thus Hairdryer works n this principle.

Advantages of Hairdryer

A hairdryer can prove as money save as you no need to go to Salon and spend money on the hairstyling option. It’s a perfect choice for smart people.

Hairdryer makes your hair light as it with the help of blow air it keeps your hair smooth and light.

It Decreases the drying time as normal after a bath it takes a long time to dry your hair.

You can do other stuff with a hairdryer like demist your bathroom mirror, especially during winter. Dry your clothing stuff after wash. Blow-dry your personal care stuff, Unfroze your frozen food.

The disadvantage of a hairdryer

Hairdryer especially Ionic type dryer is mainly may dehydrate your hair when you use it for a longer time with pay attention to it.

If you use it continuously over a longer time will make your hair lesser bright and also affect hair growth.

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