Best seller room heaters india 2020

Best Seller Room Heaters India 

Best seller Room heaters India gives you information about the best room heater available in the market that heats instantly. Here are all the Room heaters with Top features and information.


5 Best Room heater to buy India 

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Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater 


Havells Calido Fan Heater


Candes Nova 2000W Blower silent room heater


Orient Electric Areva Fan Room Heater


Kathy Blow Hot 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater 

Product #1 Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater


best seller room heaters india 2020


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Top Features and Information

  • This room Heater is Perfect for Room Size Up to 250 Sqft and it is designed for Spot Heating
  • It gives enough heating up to 250 Sqft room when operated at a 2000 watt setting.
  • I made of Plastic and Metal body Inside.
  • Requires an operating voltage of 220-240 Watts
  • Having 2 heat setting with 1000 watt and 2000 watt for the right amount of heat intensity for room
  • It requires 15A Plug No need to Plug into 5-6A Socket You need 3 Pin Plug to run this equipment
  • Equipped with safety cut-off and Overheat Protection with a long-life heating element.
  • Inside of package you get 1 room heater and User guide
  • Comes with 1 yr warranty.


Product #2  Havells Calido Fan Heater 2000 W  in White and Gold Color

Best seller room heaters india 2020


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Top Features and Information

  • This Havells Calido PTC fan heater comes with 2 heat setting 1300W and 2000W respectively.
  • It comes with a PTC ceramic element that gives smooth heating and enough warmth to the room.
  • It delivers Multidirectional heating with help of an Oscillation Function.
  • Switch off automatically once after falling accidentally.
  • It comes with a Cleanable dust filter that prevents the foreign element from entering the Product.
  • Enough safety to overheat protection and Switch off automatically.
  • Comes with 1 yr warranty


Product#3 Candes Nova 2000W Blower silent room heater in White Color

Best seller room heaters india 2020


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Top Features and Information

  • It has a powerful 2400 RPM powerful Copper wounded motor that provides quick heating with any vertical and horizontal position.
  • On the 1st run, it gives a burning smell in the room but after that it not coming from the heater
  • It can throw enough airflow up to 10 ft for a small to medium size room
  • It comes with different heat setting like Cool warm and Hot wind selection knob
  • Also have good features of anti-freeze protection, auto safety cut off and integral carry handle.
  • Product Going through a Super quality control procedure to provide the best experience.
  • Provide a 1-yr warranty.


Product#4 Orient Electric Areva FH20WP  Watts Fan Room Heater in White color


Orient electric room heater


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Top Features and Information

  • Orient Electric Areva is the perfect heater for spot heating and can heat room up to 180 sq ft.
  • Made of ABS plastic material and Motor is made with Full Copper for durability
  • Comes with two heating mode 1000W/2000W heat setting and thermostat
  • The 3-meter power cord is sufficient to power from any corner of the room
  • You can mount horizontal and vertical position with the good bi-directional option
  • The fan can run up to 2300 RPM and use in summer as a fan
  • Approved by ISI and its 5 level protection provide enough safety.
  • Comes with 1 yr warranty


Product # 5 Kathy Blow Hot 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater


kathy Blow room heater


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Top Features and Information

  • Kathy Room Heater Body and grill made up of high-quality plastic material that provides fast and quick heating
  • This fan type heater is 12 fin and 3 heat setting
  • Equipped with Rota Matic swivel technology that provides an automatic revolving mechanism
  • It can revolve 60 degrees and tilt up to 45 degrees.
  • Heating material made of quartz heating element and has two heating mode high and eco
  • It having 1000W/2000W and coverage up to 50 to 150 sqft.
  • Here you get 1 yr manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase


Hope above best seller room heaters India 2020 top features and information help you to find the best product.

Buying guide for Room Heater


As you know when we are in winter season it becomes important ourselves protect from Cold. This room heater device not only helps us to beat the cold but to live comfortably in a colder environment.

Choosing the appropriate room heater becomes very important for you to select the best on available in the market

To get the right deal you need to know the right model best feature of the room heater.

When we discuss Room heaters then first comes the Radiant heater. Thought the Radiant heater burn a lot of oxygen in the room.

The second heater is a Convection heater that works when a fan blow over the heating coil. That air blown over the heating coil will heat the room effectively. Here the oxygen burns less than that of the radiant heater. This type of heater is costlier than a radiant heater.

Third, comes the Oil heater. These Room heaters are costliest than all but provide better heating with outburn of oxygen. Not only comfort but provide great efficiency in similar electricity.


We some of the Parameter to Purchase Right deal on the room heater

Power Consumption


Before purchase the room heater you need to know about how much power it needs to run. It increases the operating cost of the device. First of all, you have to get to know about the size of the room which decides the basis of requirement.

Some company already give the size of the room that the room heater appropriate for.

Safety of the device


Safety is also the most important aspect when you select the room heater for your room. Your room heater will be safe for children or pet animals and guests in the room. You can compromise anything but safety comes first for many electrical and electronic devices.


To ensure safety in the device you need to check the anti-tipping device heat guard automatic shut off that prevents the risk of danger to you and your family.

Automation of the device


In the Room heater automation also have an important requirement. You have to automatic switch and automatic shut-off option. If you have that all option then you have to go ahead to buy a heater.


Warranty of the device


When you go to purchase the product then you have to check the warranty of the product too as it helps you to keep run for a long period whenever a repair is required.

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