Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India

Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India 

Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India will give you a complete guide of the Sanitizer box. The sanitization process is become now very well known nowadays. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we keep out a hand and our body completed sanitizing to keep bacteria and germs at bay.

But until we do sanitization our gadgets including mobile phones, headphones, and other stuff. The work of sanitizer is not complete.

Here are All Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India with top features and information that provide best guide to buy the product.


10 Best UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India 




UV Sterlizer Pics


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Mobitizer UV sterilizer Box

Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India 2020


Excelsior Portable UV Phone Sanitizer

Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India 2020


Shri Ram UV Light Sterilizer Box

Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India 2020


 Souvenir 3-in-1  UV Light Sterilizer Box

Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India 2020


MAGNUSDEAL UV-C Sterilization  Box

Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India 2020


 Vogue Nation Cell Phone Sterilizer Box


TECLUSIVE Ultra Luxury UV Light Box 

Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India 2020


Portable UV Mobile Phone Sanitizer Box


Ezone Phone Sanitizer Box


CATAMONT UV Light Sterilizer Box


Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India


Product#1 UV sterilizer Box by Mobilizer Portable- Sanitizer Aromatherapy -iPhone Android Smart Phone in White Color


Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India


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Top Features and Information

  • Kills 99.9 % bacteria and germs in 6 minutes
  • An easy and convenient way to sanitize your phone
  • Also works as an aromatherapy diffuser as you can feed your favorite oil from the inlet and press the switch it works as an aromatherapy diffuser.
  • By Aromatherapy you can devise smell becomes very good.
  • It can charge your phone too as it having a dual function as a sterilizer and charger also.
  • There are two cables inside one for the iPhone and the other for Android. You can charge your phone.
  • Not having type C cable inside for charging of the android phone.
  • It not only sterilize your phone you can sterilize iPod, earphone, watches, webcam, underwear, socks, toys, and all other electronic gadgets that fit inside.
  • Comes with 6 Months warranty



Product#2 UV-C Sterilization  by MAGNUSDEAL -Aromatherapy Box with Voice, – Windows, iOS and Android- Mobile, Jewelry, Watch, Baby Toys, Mask




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Top Features and Information

  • Powered by Dual UV light this device can kill 99.9% germs for your device. You can daily disinfect your gadgets
  • It can fit cell phones up to a size of 6.5 inches in this UV phone cleaner.
  • You can not only fit inside your mobile but also you can disinfect your other device too keys earphones, earbuds with a completed disinfectant bath.
  • You can disinfect all your mobile phone including iPhone, Android, Google Pixel, or any other,
  • It works as aromatherapy too as you can feed some good fragrance oil inside and diffuser inside works as a smell enhancer for your phone. You have to allow some time for dissipation.
  • It provides a 99.9% effective rate of cooling as lamp wavelength 253.7nm. All kinds of UV are effective.No ozone harmless.
  • It is a portable and very handy device. You can take it anywhere you go. Its compact and ergonomic design make it very user friendly.
  • It also having a voice prompt that works when you play the start and end button it gives you 25%-50%-75%-100% show you progress of disinfection.



Product#3 UV Lights Universal Smartphone Sanitizer by The Vogue Nation -Portable Phone Cleaner- USB Charging Case – Multicolour


Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India


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Top Features and Information

  • This sterilizer is compatible with mobile phones up to 6.5 inches like iPhone, Android phone, Pixel phone.
  • You can sanitize all your devise or gadgets like earphones,webcam, key jewelry, and all kind of stuff.
  • Its ergonomic and compact make it very comfortable to take it anywhere in your bag.
  • It can be charged by any laptop computer USB charger even you can sterilize your phone case also.
  • It can eliminate 99.9% of germs with UV target light even sterilize hard to reach the area of the phone.
  • Very easy operation as first press the start button light green to start disinfection running after 3 minutes after the end of cleaning.
  • One disinfectant box inside a box with user manual best customer service experience.


Product# 4 UV Light Box for Sterilization & Disinfection by TECLUSIVE | Best to Disinfect & Clean Germs from Gadgets |Aromatherapy Diffuser




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Top Features and Information

  • This Multipurpose intelligent sterilization device as it emits UV rays from source can kill all harmful bacteria and germs placed inside it.
  • It can suitable up to 6-inch smartphone size.No the only smartphone it can disinfect any device like earphone, any other electronic items.
  • Eary to use and only take 3 minutes to disinfect your device. An assured a full day of use.2A high efficiency charging sanitization.DoulbleUV rays that can kill bacteria 3 minutes.
  • Just place your device inside the box and press the start button to disinfect your device.
  • It comes with Voice support which shows you the progress of your process.
  • You can use it anywhere at the office or at home that gives you comfortable use with ease.
  • Also comes with Aromatherapy with which you can get a good smell to your phone.



Product# 5  Portable UV Mobile Phone Sanitizer |Wireless Charger (for All Qi-Enabled Smart Phones) |Aroma Diffuser


Best Seller UV Sterilizer (Sanitizer) for Mobile Phone India

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Top Features and Information

  • Multipurpose intelligent sterilization device along with UV sanitizer, aroma diffuser, and wireless mobile charger (Qi-enabled phone) also.
  • You can sterilize all your gadget daily usable stuff even credit cards also.
  • It has two mode sanitizer mode as 1 min give you quick sanitize and 5 min for a long mode of sanitizer with no area left.
  • This will kills 99.9% of germs as per company guidelines.
  • All types of cell phones having a size up to 6.2 inches can be sterilized in this device.
  • Inside the box, you will get a disinfectant box, user manual, charger, two droppers.

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How UV sterilizer (Sanitizer) Works?

It is essential nowadays to do complete sanitize of whether our device or our body. After the necessity of sanitizing mobile. There are many sterilizers available online as well as the offline markets in not only India but in the world too.

UV sterilizer device today is fast growing and important essential as it keeps us safe and healthy by preventing the attack of bacteria and germs on us. This technology discovered in 1879. Earlier UV sterilization technology used to sterilize water and works for the hospital and medical premises.

UV rays are shorter wavelengths than visible light and able to destroy bacteria and germs by attacking their DNA or RNA structure.

The biggest advantage of these UV rays is that it can destroy all germ very short amounts of time UV light can disinfectant air in a limited space. You just installed a UV ray source in the room or box once UV light passes through space inside box or product it can destroy bacteria and all germs.


Basically UV sterilizer box works with inside having a special bulb that emits the right amount of UV-C light that will kill bacteria on the smooth surface of the object.UV-C light is effective to damage the DNA of bacteria the DNA and RNA of Viruses.

Multiple studies, it has found the UV-C light can emit 99.9% microbial contaminant on the surface of the product.

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