Best selling LED Projector In India

Best Selling LED Projector for all Purpose Home India

Best selling LED Projector for all Purpose In India will provide you complete guide and information about how projector works and type of projector. Projector for Movies , Student study presentation and acitivity.


Best Selling LED Projector for Home in india

Product # 1 EGate i9 Pro-Max Large Display LED Projector


Best selling Projector India


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Top features and information

  • Egate i9 series projector is undisputatble high performance projector as it provide bigger picture better pixel and better image.
  • With 1280 x 720P HD resolution provide 80 % more pixel.Having more crisp and better image quality.
  • 2400 Lumens with brighter image for more better bright picture quality.
  • Connect with projector for 150 inch large display with theatre like expereince no need to buy TV for you home.
  • Unique Sevice mechanism provide pickup and drop service facility.
  • Tested and certified with high quality standard as having inbuilt 3w Speaker provide better sound quality
  • This digital projector comes with digital zoom of x and y axis.
  • The perfect home Projector with 2x HDMI USB and VGA and SD card slot
  • Share your document with any app and watch video and picture with laptop and mobile anywhere.

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Product # 2 Livato T300 Mini Projector,Portable Projector


Best projector In India


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Top features and information

  • Livato mini projetor is perfect projector for your home as it have compact design and easy of portability.
  • This mini projector is equipped with multiport ease of use as it support HDMI,USB audio and AV interface.
  • with 400-800 Lumen density with contrast ratio of 800:1 perfect projector for home entertainement
  • It support Natural resolution 320 X 240 with maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel density.
  • Good wokring with 0.8 To 2m projection and 24 to 80 inch projection size.
  • Livato is most famous video projector as it smaller than palm of hand.
  • best projector for kids as it keep qaway mobile phone from childern and keep their eye safe.

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Product #3  AGARO AG50 Movie Projector Video Projector


Agaro Projector In India



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Top Features and Information

  • AGARO AG50 Movie projector provide better image clarity and better contract that give optimal viewing experience.
  • 3 inch LCD panel provide higher imaging area and better image transmission.
  • Designed for 1080P maximum resolution and 720P native resolution.
  • Equipped with 1500 Lumen intensity and 30000 hrs lamp life.
  • Compatible for multimedia connection HDMI,AV,Audio out and 2.0 USB with PC-RCB.
  • Powerful 3W speaker provides incredible screen performance and room filling sound for superb experience.
  • Best for Home theatre and playing games at your convience
  • 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio make it more better for viewing picture and sound.

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Product #4   XElectron C9 180 inch Large Display LED Projector


Xelectron Projector In India


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Top Features and Information

  • X Electron large display projector is designed with advanced brightening technology 3800 lumen LED light.
  • Sleek and compact design make it suitable for any workspace that it easily fit for.
  • Higher quality display compare to other 720P projector can be used for powerpoint and other office presentation.
  • Easy to connect with any device as PC laptop iphone smartphone and other device.
  • 60000 Hr lamp life with improved technology feature also comes with reduce noise fan which reduce noise by half.
  • This Budget friendly projector comes with wall/ceiling mounted stand and tripod that make it more convient for use.
  • Excellent indian brand have more thatn 10yr experience in indian market.


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Product #5   Everycom X10 Home & Business Native Full HD 1080p with 5500 Lumens LED Projector


Everycome Projector



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Top Features and Information

  • EverycomX10 comes with high resolution 1920 x 1080 and 5500 lumen brighness that give you true cinema viewing experience.
  • Projector provide screen 45 inch to 200 inch screen size with a distance of 1.6 m to 7.1 m with rectangular image experience.
  • Advanced built in dual stereo Spekaer  provide superior sound.
  • Heat dipersion and noise suppresion technology strongly reduce noise of the fan with innovative cooling system.
  • Provide long lasting performance for long time with excellent service provided by company.

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Purchase guide for Best Projector for Home and office

Projecter is paly vital role when you are looking to display your thought and prsentation in front of large gathering. That is main reason why people buy projector as it give cost per image area.Vast image size that projector give is the benefit that associated with it.

But in projecter you may notice that quality of the image can be compromised.There are so many projector available in the market and finding or selecting good projector out of it is not an easy task  as it require lot of reson to make it worthwhile for you .

Different type of projector

Digital projector

Conference room projector

Multimedia projector

LCD projector

Cinema Projector

What is Digital projector and how it works?

Digital projector : Digital projector allow used to display video file on the screen with the help of the internet.The amount of lumen is very important if you are selecting digital projector for your task.It is different aspect of light that available at the time.

key features of the Best Selling Projector for Home that you need to consider before buying



Thought resolution play important rol in the performance of the projector.There are two type of resolution one is the natural rsoltion and other is maximum resoltion.Natural resoltion is defined as standard pixel size whereas maximum resolution is defined as maximum capacity of the projector.Greater the natual resolution of the projector greater the color density of the image.


It is refers that brightness of the image.Just understand it with Higher the lumen more the brightness with projection if the image.For home projector lumen density is the less than office projector.

Luman is directly affect screen size of the projector. Your image will be washed out if you have lower contract ratio.Normally lumen density will be 1000-2000 for most of the projector.


Contrast ratio

Generally contrast ratio is defined ration of  white level light and black level light. Highter the ratio will give well defined picture.


Lamp Life

Lamp life is important part of the project if you are buying is as average lamp life is 1500-3000 hours.

Hope above Best selling LED Projector  in  India will help you to purchase right product according to your requirement.

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