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Best Selling Portable Oxygen Concentrator India

Best Selling Portable Oxygen Concentrator India

Best Selling Portable Oxygen concentrator is essential during the time of pandemic as many people search for it during the time of emergency.Here we will give  you complete information about best low cost safe oxygen concentrator.

Top Selling Portable Oxygen Concentrator India

Best Selling Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Product # 1 Yuwell 8F-5A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine



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Top features and information

  • Yuwell is compact and lightweight oxygen concentrator with 5L/Min Capcaity.
  • Easy to clean air inlet filter having German technology and 30000 hrs service hours life.
  • 15.5 kgs net weight make it easy portable oxygen concentrator as carry with ease.
  • Model comes with Self diagnosis feature and multiple safety alarm.
  • Auto Cut off for overheating with high and low pressure alarm.
  • Oxygen failure alarm also active with this model during the operation of supply oxygen.
  • This digital LED display with timer function having make is more suitable for digital technology.
  • Able to supply 93% pure oxygen with 5Litre capacity.
  • Noise level is less than 52dB with Output Pressure 40-70Kpa | Oxygen Output 0-5L/min

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Product # 2 Owgels Oxystar Adjustable  Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator




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Top features and information

  • In the Owgels Oxystar adjustable oxygen concentrator you will get High pressure and low pressure alarm that provide cutoff to the device when the air pressure is too high and low.
  • Main advantages of using these ype of oxygen concentrator is that here you donot need any refilling or replacement as it is using oxygen from atmosphere.
  • This oxygen concentrator is easy to use as LED button with minimum supervision required as it also user friendly.
  • Limitation of this product is that is uses one user at the time it having application range of 0-5000 m altitude.
  • In this device oxygen concentrate at the place and then you use medical oxygen that use for the same purpose.
  • 60 dB sound make it more salient for its user as limited sound is one of the main safety aspect of this device.
  • it perform various function from the Large particle filtration to oxygen purification.

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Product #3  Gvs Oxygen 5L Oxy-Pure Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator




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Top Features and Information

  • Gvs oxygen concentrator device can extract oxygen from the air. It basically work to separate nitrogen with electrically powered zeolite from ambient air.
  • User friendly oxygen concentrator uses mainly hospital, clinics health center, family nursing.
  • Best adjustable flow oxygen concentrator with low cost and provides steady flow oxygen.
  • Each and every machine is tested for best quality, sound and purity.

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Product #4   Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator





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Top Features and Information

  • Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator is providing continuous flow of oxygen conveniently at home.
  • Low noise motor which reduce noise at extent that user feel extra comfort while use it at home.
  • It works on PSA technique as molecular sieve absorb other gases from that air and produce pure oxygen.
  • This machine is easy to transport as no extra effort required to move it from one place to other place.
  • Specially designed for domestic use this oxygen concentrator produce 1-5L per minute when working full its capacity.
  • Excellent performance gives more preference to use at home as this is designed especially for domestic use.

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Top Features and Information

  • Delivering more than 93 % percent purity this oxygen concentrator has multiple user function and low maintenance.
  • With No rebuilding/replacement requirement for up to 5 year make it low cost oxygen concentrator for home use.
  • Equipped with multiple alarm system as when it face power outage and safety purpose make it more reliable during the time of operation.
  • Built in Double fan cooled it for prolong life and reduced cost associated with downtime.
  • Easy to move,user friendly design CE certified and intregated handle make is more attractive for low cost oxygen concentrator for home use.


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Best Selling Portable Oxygen Concentrator India  

What oxygen concentrators do?

Oxygen concentrator is life line for people today era! Normally people want to know that how oxygen concentrator works. So here brief explanation of how oxygen concentrator works as it generally strip the nitrogen from the air and concentrate oxygen.

As you know air consist of 78% Nitrogen and 21% oxygen and 1% remaining element like carbon diaoxide and helium etc.

Because of this distribution of oxygen normally with the help of  simple process  you can concentrate as much as 97% oxygen.Using simple absorption process as air passes through the concentrator with the help of catalyst called zeolite nitrogen get absorbed and then whatever oxygen passes throught it is called concentrate oxygen.


How oxygen concentrator works?

The use of oxygen concentrator is normally is to supply oxygen to people who are medical condition and diseases that make difficult for people to breathe.

The difference between oxygen concentrator and tanks is that you never need to refill oxygen concentrator as it uses air through environment and passes through the concentrator.

In the standing air having 20 % oxygen as it have more nitrogen so when air is passing through it it filter out nitrogen and pure oxygen left over.

Different model of concentrator deliver as much pure as around 95% oxygen in the oxygen concentrator.

Earlier oxygen concentrator only designed for home use. But due to large space requirement for earlier technology .Now compress technology it require less space for oxygen concentrator.Portable oxygen concentrator is now available in the market due to demanding for taking with everywhere.


Benefits of Oxygen concentrators

Oxygen concentrator is use for oxygen therapy. In the oxygen therapy patient need oxygen from air as nitrogen will be absorbed .For oxygen therapy normally oxygen tank used earlier but to operate it require professional.

But in Oxygen concentrator you do not need profession to operate as it is easy to operate and taken anywhere and used.

Oxygen concentrator is also very easily available on rent compare the traditional oxygen therapy.

Safety is major factor people uses oxygen concentrator instead of compressed O2 tanks. It is safe alternative to compressed oxygen tanks which is reason for potential hazards.

For better convenience, safety and affordability for oxygen concentrator for use.







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