Best Selling Wireless mouse India

Best Selling Wireless mouse India 

Wireless mouse preference gains over wired one over the years. Now the wireless mouse gives hassle-free working with good battery life over wired one where cable annoying in between computer and mouse. Here are the  Best Selling Wireless mouse India along with features and information.


Here are 5 Best Wireless Mouse to Buy India 

Product No


Wireless Mouse Pics



Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse


HP 200 Wireless Mouse


Portronics POR-015 Toad 11 Wireless Mouse


Dell Wireless Mouse WM118


Portronics Toad 12 Wireless 2.4G Optical Mouse


Zinq 818 Wireless Mouse


Also, take a Quick Review of Wireless mouse Top features and information

Product #1 Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse

Logitech mouse



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Top Features and Specification

  • Logitech B172 wireless mouse provides a connection up to 10m
  • Working with Ultra precise on all surface
  • 1-year Battery life from the manufacturer
  • Compatible with all Windows computer, laptop, Mac or MacBook
  • Logitech is a pioneer in Mouse manufacturing with over 30 years of experience Corded, cordless, and Bluetooth technology mouse.
  • USB received will not be provided along with Mouse



Product#2 Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse




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Top Features and Specification

  • Logitech M221 wireless mouse will provide almost Clickless sound as it gives more focus towards your work
  • Its design is ambidextrous that gives you more comfortable in your hand or any other natural position
  • The mouse comes with a USB receiver along with battery inside the box
  • USB receiver comes with mouse allows your computer to connect a mouse to computers
  • Logitech M221 mouse is reliable for long working hours and Works almost 33 feet away from a computer location
  • It comes with auto sleep when no use feature that is better for battery and 1.5 years of battery life
  • The shape of this mouse is comfortable as it almost the mobile size and you can take it anywhere
  • 3 Year of warranty provided by the manufacturer



Product#3 Portronics POR-015 Toad 11 Wireless Mouse 

Best Seller Wireless mouse India



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Top Features and Specification

  • Portronics POR-015 mouse made full of ergonomic design which is comfortable for long working hours
  • 4Ghs technology ensures smoothness for 360 degrees and 10 m without any hassle.
  • Battery life is long life and low energy consumption
  • Easy to use as no need to the driver and use directly
  • Compatible with any laptop, Macbook, and another device
  • Made up of Crystal high-quality plastic
  • Comes with 6 months warranty from the manufacturer



Product#4 HP X3500 Wireless Mouse in Black

Best Seller Wireless mouse India


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Top Features and Specification

  • HP X3500 mouse comes with two primary buttons and the scroll button
  • Nano receiver with it ensure mouse is securely connected to your computer
  • A pointing device is a wireless optical mouse
  • Works on 2.4 GHz wireless technology ensure hassle-free working hours
  • 1 Year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Adoptor of this mouse is within a box



Product#5  Dell WM126 Wireless Optical Mouse in Black

Best Seller Wireless mouse India


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Top Features and Specification

  • Dell WM126 mouse working on wireless technology with 3 buttons
  • It having USB 2.0 type receiver
  • 1000 dpi movement resolution having great for everyday use in home & office
  • AA type ensure Longer uses and long battery life battery need to change once working stops
  • Compatible with a windows computer, Linus and Macbook
  • Easy installation and setup make is more comfortable for users
  • The USB receiver is inside and outside both
  • 12-Months warranty from the manufacturer



Product#6 Lenovo 300 Wireless Compact Mouse in black


Best Seller Wireless mouse India


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Top Features and Specification

  • Lenovo 300 wireless mouse is reliable and easy to use for long working hours
  • 1000dpi pointing device resolution ensure better movement of the pointer
  • It comes with 3 buttons and a USB laser mouse
  • Long battery life and working almost 10-meter range that ensures better connectivity
  • 5-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Perfect mouse to work at home or office for long working hours

Hope All Best seller Wireless Mouse India features and information help you to select the right one according to your need.

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Wireless Mouse benefit

Most people now use wireless mouse similarly to many people using laptops over personal computers.

As a laptop brings convenience over the personal computers as we can take it to any location at our home just like a wireless mouse.

During using laptop touchpad sometimes we feel uncomfortable if you are using it the first time and found that you missed here mouse. Those who are not habitual with touchpad feel that slow and annoying access.

To make our work fast we either go for a wired and wireless mouse. Nowadays cost-wise there is no big difference in a wired and wireless mouse.

Without any argument, we choose wireless mouse as nobody wants any wired annoying them in between computer and mouse.

As it maximizes the space of users and with laptops, almost everyone wants to use a wireless mouse.


Type of Wireless mouse


Wireless mouse is made compact. Same as your mobile you can take it anywhere whether office or work hassle-free.

Wireless mouse comes with Bluetooth, Infrared, and RF technology. The Bluetooth technology mouse works only on the sensor from your laptop.

The infrared mouse needs a receiver here you direct it to the receiver to function.

RF technology type mouse comes with transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is inside the mouse and the receiver is plugged into USB to enable it to function.

For a wireless mouse, you need to check what supports your laptop best. Going for the best wireless mouse depends on how you feel comfortable with it.

However, most users now considering RF technology mouse over other mice.

Also, the wireless mouse comes with a battery as when the battery is worn out you need to change the battery after it over Or you can opt for a wireless mouse with a rechargeable function.

You can charge it from time to time but it cost you less with having a replaceable battery.

The scroll function is most important in the wireless mouse as now most of the wireless mouse having inbuilt this function. This Function ensures you reliable and comfortable during surfing.

Optical technology enables the mouse easy and accurate functions. There are a lot of good wireless mice available in the market from different manufacturers.

Overall wireless mouse provided more advantages than a wired one. Especially if you are using a laptop for long hours, traveling a lot than a wireless mouse might be worth it for you over a wired one. As it offers more convenience and flexibility to users.

Here is the Best Selling wireless mouse India  from a different brand. Know more about product function and top features and information.

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