Best Water heater (geyser) to buy India

Best Water Heater (Geyser) to Buy India

Best Water Heater (geyser) to buy India give you complete information about the top features of water heaters with best features.

Product #1  Bajaj New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Vertical Water Heater

BEst Water Heater (geyser) to Buy India


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Top Features and Information

  • This Storage type of water heater comes with 10 litre capacity
  • It working on 2000 watt and 8 Bars Pressure
  • Tank material –SS-304 and Outer Body Material is CRCA
  • This water tank is comes with Titanium armour technology with special inner tank coating for preventing corrosion and rusting
  • 2 year warranty on product,2 year on heating element and 5 year warranty on tank
  • You will get free installation with the product
  • Inside the box you will get water heater unit user manual and mounting accessories


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Product #2  AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser)


Best water Heater (geyser) to buy india

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Top Features and Information

  • Storage type of water heater comes with 15 litre capacity
  • Works on 8 bar pressure and 2000 watt
  • Material of the tank is blue diamond glass with 2x corrosion allowance and outer body made of metal
  • Glass coating heating element inside of this water heater prevent scaling and extend lif of heating element
  • Here 7 year warranty on inner tank and 2+1 year warranty on glass coating element 2 year comprehensive
  • Inside box you will get vertical storage water heater and Mounting Screw

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Product #3 Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-3006 6-litres water heater


Crompton water heater


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Top Features and Information

  • Crompton water heater comes with powerful water heating element
  • This is suitable for high rise building and bathroom
  • It gives powerful performance in hard water also.
  • Here you get sturly power indicator with advanced 3 level of safety
  • It works on 2000 w and you get 5 year warranty with this  water heater


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Product #4  Candes – Storage Electric Water Heater


Candes Water Heater

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Top Features and Information

  • Candes water heater meets high standard of quality and safety parameter.
  • Durable water heater and efficiently works for years.
  • Its triple safety system and fireproof cable protect your and your family from accident.
  • Sleek and Contemporary design of this water heater tank made of Stainless steel
  • This geyser designed for super safety and high features.
  • you get 5 year warranty with this water heater.

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Product #5  Racold Eterno 2 Storage 10 Liter 2 KW Vertical Water Heater in White & Metallic Blue


Recold Eterno Water Heater


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Top Features and Information

  • Storage type heater working on 8 bar pressure and having V wall mounting installation.
  • Temperature regulator of this water heater regulate water temperature and optimize energy consumption
  • Water heater have unique polymer protective technology
  • Super polymer coating provides no contamination and provide hygienic water supply for years
  • Speacial anode provided insided this heater element emply electrolytic process that protect heating element from corrosion
  • Works on 230 volts and 2000 watts of power consumption
  • Product warranty of 2 years and 4 years on heating element and 7 years on tank

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Best Water heater(geyser) to buy india top features and information will help you to select water heater (geyser) according to needs.

Before buying Electric water heater for your home –Parameter to select

A water heater is essential and is very useful in the home and kitchen during the winter. It supplies hot water to our daily home and kitchen work. Before Selecting the right water heater  for your home and your kitchen you need to know about water heater  understanding and its function.

There is a lot of water heater in  the market at some point that we do not know where to buy it.


Storage water Heater Purchase Guide

Storage water heater or Water Geyser is very important for every family as it makes water heating much easier for us. Most of the time we were confused about what kind of geyser to buy online. There are important geyser features defined.


Here are some key features of the Water Heater that you need to consider before buying them.


Auto Cut: These features are very important for the geyser because where you start the auto is turned off and automatically cut off. In these features there is some order inside the geyser because it will shut off when the water is hot .The temperature can be controlled.

Design: The design of a water heater should be a masterpiece as some time is at stake the look and design of a water heater can change the look of your bathroom. So why is geyser makeup important?

Energy Consumption: The energy used by a water heater describes how it works best and how it saves energy. A 5 star rated geyser will save a lot of energy so choose your heater that way to provide better output power under input power.


Water heater type


In the case of water heater or Geyser we are talking about  most demanding resources as this type of geyser requires proper care and requires regular adjustment and maintenance of the geyser especially as electric heater type geysers.


Advantages of Water Heater

Main advantage of water heater is that it is much simpler to install as only wire to fit  properly. And lesser the safety risk.

You can put electrical water heater at anywhere in the room or home as there is not requirement of propane gas tank and natural gas line.


Caution is needed when using a Water geyser

When we talk about Electrical water geyser  Ventilation comes first as water heater should be properly ventilated.

You have routine check the relief calve for temperature and pressure as it is important for safety

Remove fire hazard near water heater also you need to check the temperature setting for it.

Also you need to installation monitor of carbon Monoxide this gas is odourless you can not smell it directly you need to check it through its moniter

Above topic Best water heater(geyser) to buy india cover also best 10 litre water heater india, Best 15 litre eater heater india,Best storage geyser in india,Best instant water heater india  in best geyser brand india.

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