Fukrey 3 Movie

Fukrey 3 Movie Review: Comedy Sequel’s Mixed Bag of Laughs and Lost Charm

Cast: Richa Chadda,Varun Sharma,Pulkit Samrat,Manjot Singh,Pankaj Tripathi

Director : Mrighdeep Singh Lamba

Rating : 3/5

Fukrey 3 Story

If you like slapstick comedy and appreciate a good chuckle, “Fukrey 3” should be fun viewing. This comedy franchise, lead by the eccentric characters Hunny, Choocha, Laali, and Panditji, has returned for its third edition, which is full of laughs and unexpected turns.

In this review, we’ll look at the plot of “Fukrey 3,” in which Choocha unintentionally confronts Bholi Punjaban in a legislative assembly election.

When Choocha and Hunny discover an unusual gift—the capacity to make petrol—things take a crazy turn. Will they be able to get out of this ridiculous situation? Let us Check!

Fukrey 3 Movie Story

The “Fukrey” series has always been about a bunch of friends’ mishaps, and this time is no exception. The narrative begins with Choocha, our lovely dreamer, rising as an unlikely opponent to Bholi Punjaban, who is running for Water Resources Minister.

Choocha to handle the water situation wins popular support, casting a shadow over Bholi’s prospects.

Bholi devises a clever tactic to discourage Choocha from pursuing a political career. This puts in motion a series of strange events that create the plot of the film.

The tale takes a humorous diversion in a pleasant contrast from the conventional election plotline.

The South African Diamond Quest

The intrigue intensifies as the group travels to South Africa in search of diamonds. During their search, Choocha and Hunny are given an incredible gift: the capacity to generate fuel. While first thrilling, this present sets off a chain reaction of humorous disasters.

The first half of the film keeps an engaging pace and comedy, whereas the second half abruptly changes direction. The plot becomes overwhelmed with foul humour and circumstances that elicit the odd laugh.

The plot deviates, and the spectator is forced to navigate a jumble of scenes, not all of which contribute to the broader plot.

Unveiling the Comic Chaos

You would imagine a basic electoral struggle between Choocha and Bholi in “Fukrey 3,” but the film has a fantastic blend of components.

There’s a love triangle, an abduction subplot, and the fukreys’ effort to protect themselves from a water mafia who wants to take use of their petrol-making ability. While some episodes are obviously humorous, many are exaggerated and pushed to their breaking point.

The film also briefly mentions “day zero,” a scenario in which water becomes limited. This intriguing premise offers a glimpse into a future calamity but is not fully explored, leaving viewers wanting more.

Top Performances

Despite the film’s narrative flaws, the cast shines brightly. Varun Sharma’s amazing comic timing and easy portrayal of Choocha keep the audience enthralled for the whole 2 hours and 30 minutes of the film. Pankaj Tripathi shines in his part, giving an unforgettable performance.

Pulkit Samrat, the group’s sharpest member, gives a respectable performance. Richa Chadha, who plays the clever Bholi, and Manjot Singh, who plays the irritated buddy, both do well in their parts. Tanishk Bagchi and Abhishek Nailwal’s offbeat soundtrack matches the film’s funny scenarios.

Is “Fukrey 3” Worth Watching?

In the end, “Fukrey 3” is a rollercoaster of laughter, especially for enthusiasts of slapstick comedies. However, the film’s confusing plot and the manner in which events unfold leave much to know. Despite its limitations, “Fukrey 3” is a wonderful one-time film that offers a solid dose of levity and amusement.

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