Best Budget Wireless Headphone to Buy India 2020

  • 100 minutes of music with only 10 minute charging
  • Large 110mAh battery charges in 1.5 hours have to stand up to 12 hours
  • 11.2 mm sound driver ensure great bass
  • Built-in magnets offer great feature
  • Three-button provides Control your music, handle phone calls and calls for Google Assistant.
  • 6 months warranty


Best Budget Wireless Headphone to Buy India 2020 |Realme Buds Powerful bass Wireless headphone >> Buy On Amazon

Before buying Best Budget Wireless Headphone to Buy India with ExtraBass then you need to know about some of the parameters which are important for the headphone. Here is Realme Buds Powerful bass Wireless headphone feature.

When you are going to buy headphone then you may know that in the marketplace there are many national and international manufacturers available for headphones.

Why Wireless Headphones?

Headphones are a very popular product among the people as people are using headphones to listen to music, watch movies, or web series on the OTT platform.

Also, people are using headphones with mic for online TV channel debate, Online education platform. New generation headphones having a slim and ergonomic design also comfortable fit into the ear.

It gives users very high-resolution music and crystal clear sound directly into ear wherever you are.

There are different styles of headphones in the market like an earbud, wired headphones, wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Depends upon your use you can select headphones which type of headphone you want to buy.

Over the years headphone design get experience changes as comes with dynamic driver and wearing style. Now headphone comes with Noise reduction and wireless technology.

In its 70 years, the history of development headphone design now provides users the most awesome and pleasant experience. The headphone can be different on some of below parameter

Style of the head may be professional or compact, Mono, stereo and high definition headphone, Voice command and multipoint pairing

Headphones also power with AI technology once it is connect with mobile-like Alexa, Google voice assistant, and Siri.

In this you can directly press the button given in headphones and give voice command you can talk to Alexa and get an answer.

Here are some of the Best Best Seller Wireless Headphones India 2020 here in different brands like Boat, Infinity JBL, Mi earphone with features like extra bass with mic with superb design.

Benefits of Wireless of Headph0ne

You can control here with Play pause, Answer Endcalls passive and noise isolation

Half In-Ear earphone comes with unique ergonomic design and more adaptable than other in-ear headphones

High Fidelity Rich, superb bass for a soothing, awesome sound crystal clear to vocals.

Three-button control Play pause, Press to Answer Endcalls and hold to reject call double-tap to choose next song  passive and noise isolation

Made with easy to wear Plastic Material simple elegant.

Wireless Headphones now are the most used headphones by the younger generation. Now Wireless Bluetooth headphones are easy to use and comfortably fit into ear.

These headphones prices are also affordable as they impart some great features. Here some of the best brands available in wireless headphones, Sony, JBL boAT.

Best Budget Wireless Headphone to Buy India |Realme Buds Powerful bass Wireless headphone

This Realme Buds Wireless comes with a large 11.2mm bass driver which provides Powerful bass experience and exceptional sound quality.

Powerful 110mAh battery, ensure playback time of up to 12hours

Magnetic auto on/off and Bluetooth 5.0 with fast and reliable mode.

It comes with a comfortable neckband design with high grade skin-friendly elastic memory metal.