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  • This Product is Water resistant as when accidental water splashes on it.
  • Quickly and accurately measure pulse rate
  • Accurately measure your Blood oxygen saturation level, Fast reading Pulse measurement
  • Rotatable Multidirection display, Pulse wave pulse rate, and battery level
  • Compact design ensures that it accommodates large finger size and Long battery life


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Best Pulse Oximeter for home use India is a vital device to use due to the Pandemic. Pulse rate oximeter becomes an essential device to measure blood (oxygen level ) Saturation level in the blood.

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Big Deeper  Pulse Oximeter

Best Pulse Oximeter for Home Use In India 2020


DR VAKU® Pulse Oximeter


Dr Trust (Usa) Pulse Oximeter


What is a Pulse Oximeter? How does this work?

Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive and painless test that measures your level of oxygen saturation or oxygen levels in your blood.

It can quickly detect the slightest change in the circulation of oxygen in the farthest edges of the heart, including the legs and arms.

A pulse oximeter is a small, clip-shaped device attached to a part of the body, such as the toes or earlobe.

Once you insert a finger between this device and is often used in a critical care setting such as emergency rooms or hospitals.

Some doctors, such as pulmonologists, may use it in the office.

When a person feels shortness of breath due to lung and heart condition. Based on the doctor’s advice to measure the saturation level of oxygen carried by red blood cells.

The purpose of Pulse Oximeter

It can be used to monitor people’s health in any form that can affect blood oxygen levels, especially while they are in the hospital. These conditions include:

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, anemia, heart disease or heart failure, congenital heart failure

There are many cases of common use of pulse oximetry, including:

  • monitor oxygen levels during or after surgical procedures that require lubrication
  • determine how effective oxygen supplementation works, especially if the treatment is new
  • test a person’s ability to tolerate weight gain
  • testing how the new lung medicine works
  • Examining whether a person needs breathing assistance
  • testing how the ventilator works


Best Pulse Oximeter to buy India |Top Features of Pulse Oximeter

Doctor’s Best Pulse Oximeter: The newly developed Dr Trust Finger Pulse Oximeter is an inexpensive and accurate way to check heart rate and oxygen saturation levels.

The simple design of one button allows for easy operation. The small portable size makes it easy to carry and manage. It helps athletes and pilots to get a quick and accurate oxygen filling reading.

This is the best pulse oximeter available to medical professionals. The product is waterproof and contains an audio watch alarm. USFDA and CE approved.

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This requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries and indicates that the battery is low.