Kubra KB-1045 Rechargeable 45 Mins Runtime Cordless Hair Trimmer For Men

  • It comes with cord (while charging) or cordless which is easy to use.
  • Professional detachable blade provides it simple, easy for a variety of styles.
  • Its design provides low-noise during operation for baby to sleep while haircut.
  • Easy to carry and Light-weight


As now people are used different bread in style in making a good impression and making all the difference. Visit Barber makes it costly and makes it a lot of time. here is Kubra KB-1045 Rechargeable 45 Mins Runtime Cordless Hair Trimmer For Men.

Now a trimmer comes with a grooming kit with a Pro styling kit. Also, have a high-quality trimming blade makes is a safe easy, and hygienic trimming experience. you can trim your nose and ear hair also to look sharp.

In this technology era, there is a variety of options available in the market for removing hair. Hair Trimmer available in the market from different manufacturer make it safer and easier for everyone.

Both men and women now using the hair trimmer for different purposes in order to remove unnecessary hair. Hair Trimmer also used to quickly remove hair through the nose.

Factor to considering Selecting of Trimmer

Before purchasing Hair Trimmer keeps some of the important things in mind which include safety type and light.

When Purchase the nose trimmer with vacuum feature is light. Trimmer with LED light Clearly see the hair that you want to remove.

Type of Hair trimmer is also important as now trimmer with various designs. Other Nose trimmers are manually rotating blades.

The safety of the trimmer is also very important while purchasing a hair trimmer. In some of the trimmer comes with Blade protector with excellent safety option.

Blades are one of the important aspects to take into account. There are three types of material use manufacturing of the blade.

Stainless steel, Platinum, and titanium material are use for the manufacturing of blades.

Platinum retains the sharpness of blade much longer time than stainless steel and titanium but titanium has an advantage over as it protects the blade from the water.

But now a day’s Stainless less steel blade is very common.

Kubra KB-1045 Rechargeable 45 Mins Runtime Cordless Hair Trimmer For Men

This battery-powered beard trimmer can be a perfect companion for the individuals with beards who live an extremely busy lifesaving time in shaving the beard without going to a saloon.

Maintaining and styling the beard is very easy with its advanced cutting system.

There is no need to worry about replacing the razors or blades.

It can be taken comfortably at the office, home, or even in a car.

Hence, the task of shaving regularly will not seem hectic anymore with this  Trimmer.