Mi Braided Fast charging USB Type-C with 1 m long Cable in Black

  • Braided USB Type-C Cable
  • 1m long cable
  • Toughened Joints
  • 6 months warranty


The mobile phone now becomes a necessary device rather than a habit. As you know mobile phone usability now becomes universal we have seen a different range of manufacturers in mobile from Apple’s iPhone to Samsung Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and many other brands from different countries. Data cable is an integral part of a Mobile phone box. Here is Mi Braided Fast charging USB Type-C with 1 m long Cable in Black feature.

All smartphones nowadays endow one of another way to get a boost with data transfer speed. It is basically the habit of mobile the selection of Data Cable decides.

As much as you need a mobile you need data cable also. Without data, cable mobile becomes no use. As depending upon the manufacturer Data Cable may be different like from Apple’iPhone you see the different charger and Nokia phone you see the different charger. They both not fit each other.

If you use your mobile phone often and use it for advanced innovation. You need to transfer data or USB tethering it every day.

How does Data Cable work?

Data Cable ensures that you never run out of power or data transfer. Data Cable comes from different types of the USB input. Based on Physical characteristics now Type-A Type-B and Type-C charger are in the market.

USB Type-A: It is the most popular type of USB. You can see every USB cable nowadays. Type A mostly used in Desktop Computer, media devices, and game console.

USB Type B: These types of cables are used to connect printer and scanner to Computer.Comes with Square shape with the beveled exterior with top end. You may find a USB B type port in some device.

Mini USB: You can find in Older device with Camera MP3 player game controller and other. Its size is smaller than a regular USB.

Micro USB: you can find Micro USB in some modern Bluetooth speaker Wireless earphones, smartwatches charging stand, and many more as well.

Type –C: You will get it in most of the new devices. It offers a faster data rate than the previous USB version. Biggest advantage of this cable is it is reversible and can be plug up and down.it now a new standard for the new devices.

Mi Braided Fast charging USB Type-C with 1 m long Cable in Black

This fast charging cable is strong and sturdy to charge any USB Type-C device.

Toughened joints of this cable to withstand everyday wear and tear.