oraimo Firefly Fast Wall Charger Micro Dual USB Cable

  • oraimo  provide 365 days’ quality warranty
  • Dual-USB-Ports with Ultra-Powerful to charge two devices at full speed
  • The Built-in LED smartly and comfort grip design gives a sleek look to this powerful device.


The mobile phone now becomes a necessary device rather than a habit. As you know mobile phone usability now becomes universal we have seen a different range of manufacturers in mobile from Apple’s iPhone to Samsung Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and many other brands from different countries. The charger is an integral part of the Mobile phone box.here is oraimo Firefly Fast Wall Charger Micro Dual USB Cable.

All smartphones nowadays endow one of another way to get a boost with power. It is basically the habit of a mobile selection of chargers decide.

As much as you need a mobile you need a charger also. Without charger mobile become dead. As depending upon the manufacturer mobile charger may be different like from Apple’iPhone you see the different charger and Nokia phone you see the different charger. They both not fit each other.

If you use your mobile phone often and use it for advanced innovation. You need to recharge it every day. Depend upon your battery capacity many users know that mobile phones holding chargers for every day.

How mobile charger works?

Regular mobile phones are provided with one main charger and that is not adequate. The mobile charger circuit is different than the normal battery circuit. Modern charger work on Switch mode power supply.

Normal Mobile charger work on 110v-230v 50Hz-60Hz

In First 220-230V supply passes through four diode bridge rectifier than DC output is filtrated by capacitor.220-230v DC  passing through two transistors and converted to high-frequency AC.

High-Frequency AC passes through the capacitor with a power factor correction filter increases the efficiency of the circuit.

This filter high-frequency high voltage AC goes to pulse transformer which step down to 5V.

5V Ac converted to DC by the diode.DC output filtered by Capacitor. This Pure DC supplied  to mobile for a charge of the battery


oraimo Firefly Fast Wall Charger Micro Dual USB Cable

it comes with Dual-Ultra-Powerful where you can charge two devices with a dual USB charger
Each 2 USB ports  10.5 watts of power to charge two devices and comes with Smart LED Indicator Built-in LED smartly

This charger is  best to travel companion with Multi-Protection

it having all features like surge protection, short circuit prevention, temperature control, and more to deliver unbeatable protection to you and your devices.