TheGiftKart Samsung Galaxy M21 M30s Crystal Clear Cover Case

  • Suitable for SAMSUNG GALAXY M21 / M30s only.
  • Advanced Dual-Layer Technology to provide necessary protection to keep it Itself slim and light.
  • The precision cutouts & buttons which provide easy access to all Buttons, Ports, Camera, Speakers & Microphone.



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The mobile phone now becomes a necessary device rather than a habit. As you know mobile phone usability now becomes universal we have seen a different range of manufacturers in mobile from Apple’s iPhone to Samsung Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and many other brands from different countries. Cases & Covers are an integral part of the Mobile phone.Here is TheGiftKart Samsung Galaxy M21 M30s Crystal Clear Cover Case features.

All smartphones now a day’s endows one of another way to get looks with cases & Cover. It is basically the habit of mobile the selection of cases & Covers decide.

As much as you need a mobile you need cases & Cover also. Without it mobile becomes not protected. As depending upon the manufacturer Case & Cover may be different like from Apple’s iPhone you see the different cases & Cover and Nokia phone you see the different Covers. They both not fit each other.

If you use your mobile phone often and use it for advanced innovation. You need to use different cases & Cover it. Depend upon your Mobile phone Size and look any users know that mobile phone cases & cover for everyday use.

Important of Cases & Cover

Today everyone owns smartphones. Sometimes people are using mobile phones frequently so that there is a chance of slip from hand. Also, you need to ensure that the mobile phone should be free from dust.

In that latest, mobile phone lot of features comes with a price. People are not hesitating to purchase case and cover to protect their heavy investment. Smartphone owners are customized their mobile phone according to their personality and mindset.

The range of mobile phone cases and the cover is huge from 100 to 1000s mobile phone models are in the market. Each phone especially iPhone there are 100 of 1000s different design and color cases and covers.


TheGiftKart Samsung Galaxy M21 M30s Crystal Clear Cover Case

These covers with Top-Grade material & technology which gives impeccable finishing & quality to this product.

Advanced Dual-Layer Technology to provide Necessary Protection to keep Itself Slim & Lightweight.

Anti Scratch Coating provides to reduce wear and tear.

The Contour button quick and easy access to the power button, volume buttons, camera, audio port & other ports.

This product is designed extra precision to give you the best fitting experience