Top selling Security Camera India 2021


Top selling security camera India is a very important device today.India is one of the largest countries to have CCTV security camera networks in the world. Whether it is home security, office security, or any other premises surveillance cameras are available everywhere. Here is the Top selling security camera India will guide you to all required safety features.



10 best security camera to Buy for Home and Office  India 2021 



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Mi 360° 1080p Full HD WiFi Smart Security Camera


Mi Full HD WiFi Smart Security Camera (1080p)


Tp-Link Smart Cam Pan Tilt Home WiFi Camera


V380 HD 720P Night Vision Wireless WiFi Ip Camera


Conbre MultipleXR2 V380 Pro HD Smart Wireless CCTV Security Camera


Qubo Smart Home Security Camera - Wireless/WiFi Security Camera


Godrej Eve Nx - Smart Home Security Camera


EZVIZ by Hikvision C3WN 1080p Full HD


EZVIZ by Hikvision C6N Wireless Security Camera


Godrej Eve Nx PT - Smart Home Security Camera


Top Selling Security Camera India -Review 


Product#1  Mi 360° 1080p Full HD WiFi Smart  Wireless Security Camera

Best Seller Security Camera India



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Top Features and Information

  • Mi 360 degree Full HD smart security camera equipped with an AI motion detection alert.
  • Camera angle 110 degree
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • Working range of temperature—10°C to 50°C and input power 5V
  • Features with infrared night vision
  • It comes with a dual motor head design which ensures that it rotates and captures a view of 360 degrees horizontal and 96° vertical view.
  • Camera features ensure that it works silently during rotation movement.
  • Support inverted installation means it comes with pre functionary rotation base as you can install it anywhere on the table and ceiling wall according to your requirement.
  • Smoother streaming of features and can take multiple views in a single screen
  • Talkback feature and comes with 64 GB SD cards


Product #2 Mi Full HD WiFi Smart Wireless  Security Camera (1080p) with Up to 32 ft Night Vision



Mi Full HD WiFi Smart Security


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Top Features and Information

  • This WiFi security camera comes with a frame rate of 20fps and shoots live images up to Full HD mode.
  • Smart video encoding technology ensure smoother streaming of video and half storage with same pixel detail
  • NAS storage and microSD cards ensure that user privacy will be safe.
  • Support multiple views on a single screen and multitask on picture and picture mode.
  • 2-way audio talkback features give the user freedom to talk family with a camera
  • 130-degree ultra-wide-angle lens covers all the minor detail of your room even blind spot
  • Inbuilt AI motion detector reduces false alarm and works with Alexa
  • This Full HD camera can take a video of Full HD video.


Product#3  TP-Link Smart Cam Pan Tilt Home WiFi wireless Security Camera with Up to 30 ft Night Vision also Up to 128 GB MicroSD Card Slot

Best Seller CCTV Security Camera for surveillance India 2020



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Top Features and Information

  • This Tp-link camera is smart easy and secure with smooth pan /tilt with range-360° Horizontal and 114 –vertical
  • 1080 full-HD will capture every detail crystal clear
  • Can work in night mode and provide capture view up to 30 ft.
  • Support up to 128 GB memory safe storage
  • Built-in microphone and speaker ensure two-way communication
  • Motion detection ensures to stay with the camera always with your contact
  • Night vision camera along with privacy mode
  • Comes with Tapo pan WiFi camera power adaptor quick start guide with mounting base



Product#4  Conbre MultipleXR2 V380 Pro HD Smart Wireless  Security Camera with Night Vision

Conbre MultipleXR2 V380



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Top Features and Information

  • World leader in CCTV and security alarm system camera technology Conbre covers every corner at the home 360-degree view
  • Can work with apps and rotate the camera in vertically or horizontally from anywhere in the world
  • This camera works with only 4G technology and requires a minimum speed of 2 Mbps speed.
  • Easy setup camera works with a V380 mobile app with a smartphone even user can install do it as per the procedure.
  • Capture night vision up to 16 feet away can take image or video up to 16 feet in darkness
  • Can work on any iOS and android device with quick WiFi setup
  • Not supported 5G network
  • An intelligent smart detection alert system generates a real-time alert when there is any motion detected.
  • Along with Cobre dual camera, adaptor, 1 user manual with mount stand inside the box



Product# 5 V380 HD 720P Night Vision Wireless WiFi Ip Camera with 2 Way Audio and Up to 64 GB SD Card Support

V380 HD 720P


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Top Features and Information

  • Can take image or video up to 20 x 20 ft room/office space
  • Inbuilt alarm and recording feature with doorbell alarm WiFi door also.
  • Supported memory card up to 64 GB and 360degree movement on the wall mount, ceiling mount
  • Works above Android 2.3 and iOS 6.0 devices
  • The dual-way live to make a video call in intercom make communication smoothly
  • Strong magnet ensure reliable fixation of a security camera at the base
  • Can work well with mobile app with inbuilt mic and speaker
  • Included in box smart camera, USB cable, User manual, and 1x5V 2A Power adaptor

Hope All Best selling Security Camera India 2021 features and information help you to select right one according to your need.

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Importance of Security Camera

Best seller security camera India

Security camera help to prevent theft of help in finding our small details in the investigation of a felony.

You may be a wonder to see all the options available in the market. If you do a little search or finding then you may come to the conclusion of the best security camera according to your requirement.


Wired or Wireless camera

Including all the options in the market, you may see a wired security camera and wireless security camera. Both having their own advantage and disadvantages.

Wired cameras are difficult to interrupt and a more stable connection to the recording devices. But the only thing that is difficult is that you need to wire it from your home or office.

Once you have chosen its position it will fix it for always. Doing the wiring for us all in today’s life is very difficult.

But compare to wired camera wireless cameras are easy to installed and can be moved anywhere.


Installation guideline for Security camera


Before placing the camera the purpose and location are important to decide. The question comes to mind whether you are looking to see everything inside or outside of your home? Is there any specific area you are looking for surveillance cameras.

The purpose and placement will be a great deal for what type of surveillance cameras you needed.

Just like webcam you need to determine whether you want a black and white camera or a color camera.Black & white cameras are usually cheap compare to the color cameras. If you are looking for camera general use then go for it.

If you want to investigate small or minor detail of person that harm your property then go for the color camera.

The mounting camera is the first important step for installation. First, you have to see the viewing area. First, you want to installed on wall or structure to fix them then you have to mount bracket before in place.

After that connect to the camera to the receiver. Though WiFi cameras do not need any cable but ensure that they placed a withing a range of the receiver to enable it to receive the transmission.

After connecting the camera to the recording device or receiver then you need to connect the transmitter with the monitor for viewing. There are several options available some are connected to directly TV or with the help of apps you can connect it to your mobile also.

Home security cameras do not come with a home security alarm system but if you want to integrate them then it is very useful.

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